Aqua for All SCALE (AFAS)

SCALE supports proven solutions that have a clear revenue model and with strong scaling potential. Our focus is on operational WASH initiatives that have been tested in the field, but require additional support to accelerate and reach scale. Depending on what you need to grow, we will work closely with you to provide tailor-made support to help you overcome the barriers to scaling.


Aqua for All accepts applications on a rolling basis. 


Financial support ranges from €200,000 –  €500,000.

Project Focus

  • Your initiative should have a strong strategy on how to scale in the long- term.
  • You work closely with relevant stakeholders and sector players.
  • You have a clear plan to bring in or unlock financial support for your initiative other than Aqua for All funding.
  • Your initiative has the capacity to reach a significantly large number of people.
  • Financial support is flexible and is based on your growth strategy.
  • Co-funding is required from partners working on the initiative.

Target countries 

Aqua for All works in rural and urban areas in West and East Africa, the Horn of Africa, and South Asia. 

Eligible applicants 

  • Focus on one of the three Aqua for All themes: Drinking water | Sanitation | Water resources management. 
  • Inclusive to vulnerable groups with a focus on being pro-poor and gender-inclusive.
  • Contributes to other cross-cutting areas, such as employment and climate change resilience.
  • Includes a clear plan for continuing the initiative in the local context in the long-term. There has to be a strong focus on how to sustain the solution and attract other finance after Aqua for All support has ended.
  • Co-funding: Initiatives require a financial contribution from the applicant or partners. This co-funding can only be used for the implementation of the initiative and not declared for other initiatives. Co-funding can consist of in-kind contributions, which are non-cash contributions of time invested in the initiative or equipment, for example. Co- funding can also be  a cash contribution. 
  • You will take responsibility in ensuring that the initiative works in an ethical manner with consideration for human rights and the social, economic and environmental impact of what you do.
  • You accept an open-source policy and are willing to contribute and share relevant lessons with our team and external partners, as well as participate in knowledge sharing andlearning events.
  • You will collect and share data and feedback in line with Aqua for All’s monitoring and evaluation framework.


  • From December 2021, Aqua for All only accepts applications by invitation.
  • Aqua for All’s interest will depend on the eligibility and the proposed project. 
  • A detailed teaser application is necessary  
  • Approval will depend on the amount of funding available.

Why work with Scaling International?

Scaling International helps companies to access impact finance: grants intended to create positive impact beyond financial return. We have knowledge of grant options that may apply to you. Please note that Scaling International is not affiliated with any of the above organisations. Contact us (info@scalinginternational.com) for a free assessment to find out whether your idea may qualify for financing and how we can be of your service.