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Since 2012, the economy in Ivory Coast has grown  by 8% per year. This makes it one of the fastest developing countries in Africa. Scaling International is located in the capital Abidjan, and has an extensive network in Ivory Coast, both in the private and public sector. 



The Netherlands is the largest export partner of Ivory Coast (+/-12%) with the USA (+/-8%) and France (+/-6%) in second and third place (2019). Foreign direct investment (FDI) has a major impact on Ivorian companies. In 2019, FDI was responsible for about 40% of local companies their capital. France is the main investor, responsible for one quarter or the total capital of Ivorian companies.


  • From capital Abidjan,  Scaling International serves other French speaking countries in West Africa
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Core team in Ivory Coast

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Erik Grunther​

The co-founder of Scaling International. The West African specialist of Scaling International, with over 10 years of commercial experience in Africa, China and France. Erik has experience in project management, the establishment of efficient teams, and management of international large-scale projects and commercial developments. 

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Néné Barry

In addition to her position at Witteveen + Bos, Néné Barry operates as business advisor at Scaling International. Seasoned through her work experiences in Africa and the Netherlands, she is specialised in maximising succes in the African market. With a record of managing international teams in driving strategic growth. 

Sales maximization in East & West Africa

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