Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC)

The KCIC Group comprises Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC), KCIC Consulting Limited (KCL) and Kenya Climate Ventures (KCV). They are a one-stop center supporting innovative climate change solutions and accelerating the development of the clean-tech industry as well as sustainable development in Africa. They support Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through technical support and financing. They offer consulting services to government institutions, international organizations, corporations, SMEs, national and international NGOs, among others. 


Applications for the GreenBiz Incubation Programme are currently closed. 


The purpose of Proof-of-Concept grant financing is to prove a concept of an idea, test prototype in the market, product development support before market testing, refine the business model and progress towards commercialisation.It is a non-repayable matching grant subject to agreed drawdown milestones. The size of POC support must fall within the following ranges: 10,000 –  50,000 euros.

Project Focus

KCIC is engaged in five sectors: water; renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE & EE); agriculture; commercial forestry and waste management. By focusing on these sectors, KCIC (and its clients) will directly and indirectly contribute to the achievement of SDG 1 (no poverty); SDG 2 (no hunger); SDG 6 (clean water and sanitation), SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy), and SDG 13 (climate action). Others are SDG 15 (life on land); SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth) and SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production). The  GreenBiz Incubator and Accelerator programme to support climate smart businesses. The GreenBiz Programme addresses key challenges that hinder climate technologies and related innovative business models from tapping into the immense potential in the cleantech sector.

  • Scalability – does the business model that shows clear and compelling mission to grow a sustainable and commercially viable business
  • Climate Impact – The extent to which the business/product/technology has impact on climate mitigation OR climate adaptation OR environmental benefits.
  • Job Creation – The potential of the business/product/technology towards job creation.
  • Progress to date – has the applicant taken key steps to move the idea forward?
  • Innovation – is the business innovative in the way it addresses an identified problem in the market / has a unique business model?
  • Profitability – What is the business’s ability to produce a return on an investment based on its resources in comparison with an alternative investment?
  • Entrepreneur commitment – What is the entrepreneur’s commitment in terms of time and resources which informs the business’s purpose and helps it succeed?

Target countries 


Eligible applicants 

  • Sole Proprietorship but willing to register the business as limited company within the first 3 months once a business is selected
  • Limited Liability companies

KCIC is focusing on businesses that are developing sustainable and innovative water management interventions associated with, but are not limited to:

  • Solar filtration
  • Desalination
  • Promoting water conservation in areas subject to increased water stress due to climate change
  • Innovative technologies in rainwater harvesting and storage
  • Efficient irrigation technologies
  • Biotechnology for water treatment.
  • Smart Water Metering
  • Climate resilient supply and distribution of clean water and storage to ensure access where water resource is limited due to climate change
  • Treatment of water resources with the introduction of recycled water
  • Wastewater management systems, or systems designed to protect the quality and quantity of existing water resources in the face of climate change


  • Online application
  • Applications are currently closed

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