The Kenyan economy is the largest in central and east Africa. It’s capital Nairobi is the largest regional commercial hub. Scaling International is located in Nairobi, and has an extensive network in Kenya, both in the public and private sector. 



For the past 20 years, agriculture has been the largest contributor to the Kenyan gross domestic product. Agriculture  currently contributes 28% to the GDP (December, 2019). The major agricultural products in Kenya include coffee, tea, dairy products, horticulture, sugar cane, wheat, and poultry.


  • Kenya is the main economic hub of East Africa. From Nairobi Scaling International serves Uganda, Tanzania & Ethiopia.
  • Location Scaling International:

Core-team in Kenya

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Sijmen Weesie

The CEO and co-founder of Scaling International. Former sales specialist at the Samsung Group. Participated in the Dutch Young Expert Programme. With extensive industry experience in scaling up initiatives within Africa, especially in sales, business development, strategic advise, and sales planning. Multi-cultural & Africa expert, experienced in forming strategic international partnerships. 

bradley mbagaya kenya engineer

Bradley Mbagaya

The technical specialist of Scaling International. With a technical background at the Technical University of Kenya, and 5 years of working experience in innovation and engineering, he knows how to match technical innovations with business cases.

Sales maximization in East & West Africa

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