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The 21st century global economy tempts many of us to expand their business internationally. Scaling International can support such initiatives by increasing sales.

We are proud of our sales portfolio

Aqua Clara

Scaling International works with Aqua Clara in East Africa. As a result, in 2019 sales increased with 150% in Kenya. Through the development of new sales channels the product uptake furthermore increased. Moreover, new sales partnerships were formed in East Africa. With the services of Scaling International, Aqua Clara managed so far to reach 5,000 extra customers with their products. In 2021, Scaling International continues to work with Aqua Clara as sales partner in East Africa.

Solar energy

Traffic jams in Kenya’s capital Nairobi cost the economy an estimated $1bn each year. In 2019, Scaling International worked with Beba Safi in Nairobi, Kenya to do a sales training and provided sales management advise. This lead to new mobility measures. The main focus was on designing a strategic solar energy sales plan. In 2020, Scaling International continued to work with Beba Safi in order to support the implementation of the sales plan. Expected sales increase of 150%. 

Biomass energy

In 2019, Scaling International worked with a private investor to develop a strategic sales plan based on a feasibility study and a market & customer research. These studies showed the efficiency of a technology that converts sugarcane bagasse into reusable, high quality energy briquettes and pellets for customers looking for a sustainable energy solution. This work led to a $350,000 investment guarantee. In 2021, Scaling International continues to work with this and other investors to support the implementation of the strategic sales plan. 

ESSP solutions: water kiosks

In 2020, Scaling International worked with ESSP solutions in order to design a strategic sales plan for water treatment and selling drinking water through Kiosks in West Africa in order to supply residents with safe drinking water. Moreover, a sales training of all staff members was conducted and we assisted in the implementation of the country wide strategic sales plan. Moreover, Scaling International is currently supporting the implementation of a sales plan for a new water kiosk in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and expects to increase sales with 200% in 2021

Fundraising services in East & West Africa

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