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Scaling International consults to help maximising sales for the most promising and fast-growing organisations.

Collaborating through 3 steps:


Before we start working together, we would like to understand your organisation. Moreover, we have to understand your ideas and objectives in order to collaborate efficiently. With this knowledge we can work strategically, set agreed targets, and have a fruitful partnership.


We make a plan together with agreed targets and an accompanying timeline. Collaborating with your organisation means we take our full responsibility but always involve your managers during key decision making. Through continued clear communication we keep our partners involved. 


We are your growing partner and Scaling International can adjust its activities depending on your demand. We always clearly communicate the expectations Scaling International can meet and which tasks we prefer to outsource. Over time, targets and timelines can be modified according to changing circumstances and in agreement with our client. 

What we do:​

Sales consulting

  • Grant writing
  • Fund raising (equity + grants)
  • Optimize your value proposition to attract funding
  • Project management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Sales management advice
  • Strategic sales planning
  • Implementation (support) of sales plans
  • Sales performance analyses

Fundraising services in East & West Africa

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