Via Water

VIA Water (Valorisation and Innovation in Africa and Asia) supports novel ideas or early-stage initiatives that still require testing to reach a proof-of- concept. Via Water focuses on transformative innovations that have the potential to lead to a breakthrough and leave no one behind. You might become part of a learning community together with other innovators from the countries Via Waterworks in.


Via Water accepts applications on a rolling basis. 


The maximum financial support is €200,000.

Project Focus

  • Your idea should be innovative: it should be new to the WASH sector in Via Water’s focus regions or an adaptation of an existing application.
  • Your idea should address a clearly defined need that will benefit vulnerable groups. There is a preference for initiatives to
  • There is a preference for initiatives to originate in the focus regions Via Waters works in and to be led by an African or Asian partner.
  • Your idea is practical and result-orientated. It should aim to be implemented in a real-life situation
  • Your idea should not be a stand-alone solution, but should have an integrated approach (includes governance, sustainable 
  • You should include or aim to develop a followup plan on how your initiative could scale and grow in the long-term.

Target countries 

Via Waterworks in rural and urban areas in West and East Africa, the Horn of Africa, and South Asia. 

Eligible applicants 

  • Focus on one of the three Via Water themes: Drinking water | Sanitation | Water resources management. 
  • Co-funding is required from partners working on the initiative. The level of co-funding is determined by the stage at which the initiative is in.
  • Average duration of support is 2 years
  • At least one annual financial statement is provided 

Registered in the target country


  • From December 2021, Via Water only accept applications by invitation.
  • Via Water’s interest will depend on the eligibility and the proposed project. 
  • A detailed teaser application is necessary  
  • Approval will depend on the amount of funding available. 

Why work with Scaling International?

Scaling International helps companies to access impact finance: grants intended to create positive impact beyond financial return. We have knowledge of grant options that may apply to you. Please note that Scaling International is not affiliated with any of the above organisations. Contact us (info@scalinginternational.com) for a free assessment to find out whether your idea may qualify for financing and how we can be of your service.