Updates from our global network

The WASH and Energy sectors are changing fast, international markets are developing quick and we are on top of these developments. 

23rd May, 2022

Germany launches DeveloPPP Ventures to invest in Kenya’s start-up ecosystem

Germany’s Federal Development Ministry (BMZ), together with Seedstars and NaiLab, is launching an entrepreneurial support program, DeveloPPP Ventures, that will avail grant of up to €100,000 to start-ups in Kenya.

27th April, 2022

The Digital Energy Challenge for start-ups

The Digital Energy Challenge for start-ups annually rewards 5 to 8 start-ups developing innovative digital projects that aim to improve energy access and electricity grid services in Africa. Financial support of up to €150K. The Challenge runs from 2021 to 2024. 

8th December, 2021

Kakuma, Kenya social enterprise window for Energy & WASH

The KKCF Social Enterprise Window Round 2 is open to businesses in any sector with priority on increasing access to: Water, Sanitation, Recycling, and Childcare. Social enterprises currently present in the areas or those willing to enter the market are invited to apply for performance-based grants, ranging from US $100,000 to a maximum of US $750,000, which will also require co-financing from the enterprises.

November 18, 2021

Embassy of Japan in Mozambique — Water and Sanitation

At Scaling: The Embassy of Japan in Mozambique provides financial assistance to non-profit organizations in support of Basic Human Needs, including Water and Sanitation. The maximum grant amount per project is 10 million yen (approx. US$90 thousand).  The deadline is 31 January 2022.

February 20, 2021

NEW Chairman Scaling International

At Scaling International we are always analysing possibilities how to strengthen our network in Africa. We are very pleased and honoured to announce that Dr. Erick Rutto, Vice President of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI), is from today onwards the chairman of Scaling International. 

Visiting tea factories in Kenya to analyse sales performances and to make a strategic sales plan

At Scaling International we are working with a private investor to analyse sales results of a tea factory in order to make a strategic sales plan. It was a great learning possibility to visit tea factories and in the meantime analyse the amount of wood they use to produce high quality tea which is consumed worldwide. In 2020, Scaling International continues to work with the private investor and will negotiate with other investors to complete the total investment of $350,000.