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We believe in local presence. Our core team members are based in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana. However, with over 30 experts + in our network in East and West Africa we are able to pull in the right people at the right time. 

Our story

Our core team knows each other through working in East & West Africa. In different projects, we had the opportunity to work together and to get to know each other personally and professionally. Based on our international experiences we have observed the demand in East & West Africa for sales consulting. 

Our team is made of thinkers, strategists and leaders with fast and hands-on solutions. Combined we have 30 years of working experience in Africa. All of us have working experience with sales. 

Core team

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Sijmen Weesie

The CEO and co-founder of Scaling International. Former sales specialist at the Samsung Group. Participated in the Dutch Young Expert Programme. With extensive industry experience in scaling up & fundraising initiatives within Africa, especially in sales, grant writing, strategic advise, and sales planning. Multi-cultural & Africa expert, experienced in forming strategic international partnerships. 

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Néné Barry

In addition to her position at Witteveen + Bos, Néné Barry operates as business advisor at Scaling International. Seasoned through her work experiences in Africa and the Netherlands, she is specialised in maximising succes in the African market. With a record of managing international teams in driving strategic growth. 

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Niels van den Bosch

With a professional background in agriculture and socio-economic research, Niels has worked across Africa. Predominantly on market analysis, business strategies and commercialization. Most recently he worked in Nigeria for the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture where he conducted an in-depth study on scaling-up a biocontrol product that reduces aflatoxin-contamination.

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Dr. Erick Rutto

Chairman of Scaling International. In addition, Dr. Erick Rutto is the 1st Vice President of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) and founder of Reale group of Hospitals and clinics. With an enormous network in East Africa he gives Scaling International direct access to the key public and private sector stakeholders. Over 20+ years of business experience in various sectors.

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Erik Grunther​

The co-founder of Scaling International. The West African specialist of Scaling International, with over 10 years of commercial experience in Africa, China and France. Erik has experience in project management, the establishment of efficient teams, and management of international large-scale projects and commercial developments. 


Kingsley Stephen Owino

With extended experience in the field of pay-go distribution and strategic advice in the solar industry, specifically in the solar home systems, he is specialised in product distribution of solar systems. In addition to his role as head of operations for Azuri technologies and RUH solar, he has vast experience in managing call centre operations, warehouse management, and field operations. Professional background in Economics.


Tim Jan Huldman

With commercial work experience in Ghana and Indonesia, he is currently based in The Netherlands. He is an expert in supporting in international business development to improve current processes, and knows how to improve operations. Enthusiastic for internationalisation, social impact, and efficiency.

bradley mbagaya kenya engineer

Bradley Mbagaya

The technical specialist of Scaling International. Educated at the Technical University of Kenya, and with 5 years of working experience in innovation and engineering, he knows how to match technical innovations with business cases.

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